About Us

I am convinced that the Villagers can, under intelligent guidance, double the village income as distinguished from individual income. There are in our villages inexhaustible resources not for commercial purposes in every case but certainly for local purposes in almost every case. The greatest strength is the endless willingness of the villagers to better their lot.

I For Nation Foundation:

“The real India lies in the rural and if we empower them through education, utilize their raw talent and train them how to become self-employed without depending on others, a revolution can take place”. I For Nation Foundation is a not-for-profit organization registered as Public Trust, which strives to inculcate Empowerment through Enterprise in rural India. I For Nation Foundation operatives comprise of people from diversified fields of Agriculture, Business, Engineering, Management, Finance, Tourism and Forestry working together towards the goal of the organization.


Our mission is to educate and develop the capacity in the people at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) to venture and establish sustainable enterprises of their own, thence leading to socio-economic empowerment


We envision to work as a support organization for the social enterprises in India, especially in rural areas .We aspire to develop programs that support people at the BOP in developing the enterprises for themselves. Also, to support those whose object is to establish social enterprises providing big stakes to the people at the BOP.